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Structural Design

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Our capabilities include creating custom signs for every client's specific needs.

We work with our client's through the entire process from initial consultation, design, manufacturing and installation.

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Did you know?

Our illuminated products only use GE lamps & LED lighting ensuring the highest quality illumination while also minimizing long term servicing costs for our customers.



All of our products are brand certified and approved by CSA for usage in both Canada and United States.




CSC’s Graphic Design department pays close attention to structural development of each sign and makes sure that each sign produced is created with quality materials that guarantee longevity and agreeable aesthetics.

Some aspects that are considered during the structural design of our signs are:

  • Location
  • Weather conditions
  • Wind load
  • Material
  • Installation requirements
  • Ground conditions
  • Electrical requirements

The Graphic Design department creates structural drawings and production-ready artwork and material lists that are then passed on to the production team to ensure that each custom project is produced to the precise specifications dictated by the client during the creative design stage. 

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